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Toll Control Unit (TCU)

The Function of Toll Control Unit (TCU)Model: BB-TCU9925 2. ANPR Camera is connected to this device. The vehicle registration number from the number plate can be processed into English and […]

BL Series

BL Series Automatic Backlatcher device Features: Upgrade to direct drive servo motor. One control box instead of two control box. Easier installation & maintenance. Powerful parameter adjustment function.

i90M Series

AC servo motor i90M Series HO HSING i9OM SeriesFEATURES: Low noise, low vibration and low power consumption. Multi-Positioning Model. Powerful parameter system, easy adjustment and upgradable.

i90C Series

AC Servo Motor i90C Series HO HSING i90C SERIES AC SERVO MOTOR. FEATURES: Simple installation Easy operation MCU control Software and hardware 2-way protection system Prolonging the product life Parameter […]

TK Device

TK Device to upgrade flatlock & overlock machine TK Device to upgrade flatlock & overlock machine with tape cutter control. Tape cutter device is a most effective auxiliary device, it […]


Compressed Air Operated Venturi Device Easy for installationa. Patented Electronic Valveb. Installed by 2 screws Eco. (Environmental protection and Energy saving) Adjustable suction pressure New design on funnel no block […]

MD Series

MD Series Ac Servo Motor Digital Suitable for the direct type / bracket type chain stitch sewing machine. Simple installation, easy operation. Switching power supply system, safer and better for […]

TC4-TC5 Device

Tension Type Computerized Metering Counter Device FEATURES: Simple type Position Control Encoder Combination Touch panel Combination Operation panel

Servo Motor G Series

ECONOMICAL SERVO MOTOR (WITH ENCODER) Progress with the time together, The efficiency is remarkable.FEATURES: No consumptive material. Low noise. Simple parameter setting. Easy installation.