Toll Control Unit (TCU)

The Function of Toll Control Unit (TCU)
Model: BB-TCU9925

  1. UHF RFID Reader is attached to this device. The RFID Tag supplied by BRTA can be read by this device through RFID Reader and the Vehicle Registration Number can be processed from the tag and sent to the Toll Collection Software.

2. ANPR Camera is connected to this device. The vehicle registration number from the number plate can be processed into English and sent to the Toll Collection Software.

3. Toll barriers, overhead traffic lights, lane traffic lights etc. hardware are controlled by this device. If the command to raise the toll barrier is sent from the software but the toll barrier cannot be raised due to mechanical problems, in that case this control unit will notify the software and the toll data will not be saved in the toll collection server.

4. This device can collect data from any type of Vehicle Axle Counting Device and send the number of vehicle axles to the software.

5. If the toll collector shuts down the computer of a toll booth, keeps the toll barrier up in any way or opens the barrier, if the vehicle passes, then some information about the vehicle passing through, this device will be saved in a specific storage and will be displayed the vehicle passing report by the software.